Big Bad Wolf?

The big bad wolf - a character we are all aware of through the stories we have heard as children. A symbol of something that can have a negative affect on whoever comes into contact. 

I look at the big bad wolf as death. As those circumstances that can bring death. 

We are all surrounded by death, and that which brings death upon us. When you dwell only on this, you are only going to see your own death. Focus on the living. Focus on your well being and the ability to help the wellbeing of everyone you know and everyone you can be part of their life. It's a bit like when you hear the safety message on an airplane and they advise 'put on your oxygen mask before helping others'. This is not a selfish act, but instead a reaffirmation of making sure you are in the best possible position to make yourself stronger for everyone around you - and yourself. 

So now when you think of everything that can be scary, intimidating, or overwhelming, just ask yourself one question: 

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Not I...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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