A Prince and a Princess...

With the new year approaching, and what seems like an endless list of celebrities passing. We need to be thankful for what we have, who we have and who we are. 

2016 took a Prince and a Princess. Not just from the world of entertainment, but also true of my extended family. This year has taken a lot and has left the world with a void with each loss. 

From the perspective of the world of entertainment, many people around the world have enjoyed the work and the talent of just some of those who will not join us in 2017. Their work and the gift of their talent shall live on for longer than their time on this earth. Why? Because for each one of us who admired what they done, it has written a place in our hearts. It has embedded an admiration that comes with having respect for someone and what they have given us. This is the same for who we have and had in our lives. The admiration, the love we carry for those who are both with us and those who have already departed, is what will keep them alive forever more. 

We should respect one another, we should be all that we can. Not just in this new year, but with every new year, new decade, new century, new millennia and for all time. This is what will have us remembered. 

Happy New Year, and may the force be with you...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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