Give so much more...

This holiday season why not give something that is more than a gift. Give something that gives so much more. Something that gives hope, something that can give a sense of empathy. Give something that can make someone feel that no matter what has happened in their life, they can have the knowledge that someone cares - even if it is anonymous to the recipient, and the giver. 

To me it is the ability to support the charity Crisis at Christmas. For the small sum of £22.32 you can give someone a meal, and somewhere safe to stay for a night. How awesome is that??? For such a small sum it can make the difference to someone who has lost everything, including hope. I would rather go without if I can give someone this. Each year what if we all went without one gift so we could give the gift of hope? Having the ablility to do that is so rewarding. A simple gesture can make a world of difference to someone so much less fortunate than we are. 

We can all afford £22.32 if we want to. We can all afford to go without a little, to be able to give so much. 

Please, please, please give to such a worthy cause.

People can change anything they want to, and if we all want to change, that means that together we can change the world. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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