Hard Wired...?

Thank the Hard wired to self destruct?

Ever meet someone who has an inherent trait of self destruction, and that brings about an unease when their behaviours change? Sometimes it's like the touch paper has been lit, but for no apparent reason. Yet with this comes a change of demeanour that resonates throughout their world, and the world of those around them. 

Sometimes people can have an implausible ability to blow up without having control over how, why or where it happens. This is the bit that makes it harder for everyone else to understand - simply because there is no logic or reason for their actions. 

If you encounter someone like this, know only one thing, their behaviour is not a reflection of who or what you are. Why? Because they will be like this wherever they go, and you will not always be with them when they do. 

Irrational behaviour is not to be pitied, nor is it to be condoned. It is only the individual who can make the change. For it is they alone who bring it from within. 

Clarity doesn't come to all, but sensibility can. 

Peaceful easy feeling anyone? Sounds good to me. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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