Create something...

Create something. Make it your purpose to create. When we create, we develop, we evolve and we give. 

Whatever you create, it is about giving. It is about sharing a gift of something with others, with the world. Some people are lucky enough to share something that lasts a lifetime. One thing that springs to mind are my tattoos. I love the ink I have on my body, and I am lucky that I have a friend in my tattooist who is extremely talented and she has shared her talent by giving me pieces of art I carry with me at all times. They are Timeless. 

I have other friends who are photographers. In particular one who now lives in New Zealand. The images he captures and shares on a daily basis are stunning. My favourite is his Wanaka Tree portraits. Timelessly classic. 

Me, what do I create? I ask myself this all the time. What do I do, what do I share? I guess I create these words each week to share with all who will read them. I create the photos that are used on the blog. It is my form of creation - I wouldn't perhaps call it my art, I am not good enough to do so. But I do look at these words as being a creation from within me. Sometimes from the very depths of my heart and my soul. 

For me, when I create words I create a doorway to another world. When you create words not only do you create the door, you create a lock - but more importantly you also create the key. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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