Enjoy the silence...

Words, like violence, break the silence... Sometimes there are words that equate to nothing more than a noise in our lives. It can be people, it can be place names, experiences, or even negative thoughts. Don't let yourself have words that beat you up on the inside. 

Ever take time to just savour a moment? To enjoy every single essence of a moment in time? It can be anywhere, with anyone, or even just alone. The thing is becoming completely immersed in that moment, and only that moment. Making it yours and letting your soul soak up everything about it. A protein shake for the soul. The absence of 'words' will speak volumes. Those people and places that have a negative impact on your life are non of your business, and they are non of yours. That's when you truly block the 'words'.

It is creating the perfection of tranquility in the chaos that surrounds you. Enjoy the silence...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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