London calling...

London is calling for the world to join them in their grief. In the shock of the of what happened at Westminster on Wednesday afternoon. 

London is calling for the belief of each and every one of us, that we may not fall into hate. To stand together. To stand united. To show that the darkness cast by those who perpetrate terror will never be anything more than a shadow in the light we have the ability to shine. Let us show how we can overcome. 

Remember the victims not the attacker. This is key. Do not speak his name. Do not share it on social media. Instead speak of the victims. Those who should be with their families tonight. 

Remember American tourist Kurt Cochran. Remember London mother Aysha Frade. 
Remember 75yr old Leslie Rhodes.
Remember the bravery of Police Constable Keith Palmer that cost him his life, his wife of her husband and his children their father. 

Joe Strummer declared back in 1979:
"London calling to the faraway towns
Now war is declared, and the battle come down"...

London is calling. London needs the world, the world needs London. 
London is calling - are you going to answer?

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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