White rabbits and birthday cakes?

How long is forever? Lewis Carroll declared, through the words of White Rabbit, that forever is "sometimes just one second". Sometimes forever can be thinking about a lost loved one. It can be as a child willing your birthday to come round so you can be "bigger", my little dude Kai turns 10 today and he has been so excited about it. 

Time is short, yet living your life is the longest thing you will ever do. No matter how long, and how many birthdays along the way, with each one that passes we may wonder how they come round so quickly. I have that now. I'm the ripe old age of 43yrs young and sometimes I have to realise that the last 20yrs have past by and it wasn't just yesterday. For me it's listening to favourite records and then the realisation when I remember that R.E.M's - Automatic For The People is 25yrs old, Depeche Mode's - Violator is 27yrs old and Metallica's - Master of Puppets is 31yrs old. I remember all of them being released, and the excitement of going to my local record shop 'Pop-In' to buy them. 

I love thinking back to stuff I've done, reminiscing with friends. And best of all it helps inspire me for stuff I want to do. The stuff that I haven't yet seen, done, achieved or experienced. 

Days gone by? Yes. But forever was only ever a little while ago. As for the future - well, I've got forever to think about that.

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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