Don't be an ironing board...

Ironing boards are surf boards that gave up on their dreams and got a boring job instead. Makes sense? Ever wish you could turbo charge your life? What if you already have the power, the ability, and the inner knowledge to be able to. 

What if the only thing you had to do was to simply 'go for it'. 

When you look at people who are successful in their field it is because they have done just that. There is no big secret to success other than the desire to succeed. It's a pretty simple equation really: 

You want + you try + you work for = you get.

The turbo charger is essentially how much you want, how much you try, and how hard you work for. Get all these together and you will accomplish anything you can ever dream of or aspire to. 

There isn't anything other than you having a goal. It doesn't matter if it's in your career, in business, in your personal life, in love, in anything. I'm sure we've all been asked that question of "where do you see yourself in 10yrs from now?"  What if you have that long term vision, but make it instantly more achievable by breaking it down. Break it down into bite size chunks of months, days, or even for the hell of it take it down to minutes. 

By doing this it makes everything achievable with results being expedited. So in essence, you expedite your achievements towards your goal and hey presto you've just turbo charged your life.  

So what are you waiting for. Don't be an ironing board... Surf's Up 🤘🏻

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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