It Doesn't Make It Alright...

Racism, terrorism and bigotry are simply that. All three equate to nothing more than hatred. Hatred and ignorance in its lowest form. 

Just because the Finsbury Park attacker was white doesn't mean he had 'mental health issues'. It was a hate motivated terror attack. The same as the London Bridge attackers do not represent Muslims. They represent hatred and a very small minority. 

Extremism is racism, and racism is extremism. Bigotry is ignorance. It's actually that simple - just like those who behave in that way. Simple. 

Sadly the likes of the Daily Mail, the Sun and other gutter press will continue to portray it in this fashion. But the gutter press is not just a problem in the U.K.  It is worldwide with its sensationalism of non-facts. It's rubbishing of some and appraisal of others. All for the gain of selling its bastardised version of news to the unthinking masses.

I am a man of 44yrs old. I grew up in Northern Ireland during the troubles. A small country divided by bigotry - by ignorance. I don't get it, never did. It is exactly the same as how people can still exhibit bigotry. Similarly how people can support extremist or racist views. How people will openly share or support the hatred the idiots in Britain First, EDL and other such groups put up in social media. The absolute crap they try to use to brainwash those who aren't intelligent enough to research facts.

Here is a reality check Peeps. A lot of people have died recently - including children who were carrying balloons (not weapons). A lot of deaths that were avoidable. Doesn't matter what colour, race or creed they were - none of them deserved to die. So if you are reading this and you support any of the racist, extremist or bigoted groups ask yourself what sort of person does that make you? In my humble opinion it makes you beyond worthless. 

Nobody is born bigoted, a racist or an extremist. Xenophobia is not a genetic deficiency. We have to be taught to be that way. So why not teach the complete opposite - teach tolerance, teach acceptance, instil a curiosity in the cultures of the world.

"Doesn't make it all right

It doesn't make it all right

Now, it's the worst excuse in the world

And it, it doesn't make it all right"

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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