With dignity...

I, like many, have been following the plight of a young baby Charlie Gard. I guess it's partially because of being a parent myself, but also because I am astounded in the way the judicial system has dragged out his case. 

This poor infant will not see his first birthday. Possibly, by the time some of you read this he will not be here. It is so sad that there are many more like him. Many more babies that will not make it to their first milestone year. 

My heart absolutely breaks for his parents, who like any parent, were exploring every possible avenue of treatment in a hope that he may have been afforded some slim chance of extending his short life. One of the hardest things to accept is offers of help, and medical expertise have been forthcoming worldwide. Ultimately someone made a decision that took this poor child's fate out of his parents hands. The decision was made that he could not be taken for treatment elsewhere. 

Even harsher, the family were not allowed to take their baby so he could pass at home. I find it difficult to comprehend a decision that does not help a family. Bear in mind this is a family that are about to experience the ultimate loss, why not give them the dignity to have their final moments in the privacy and surrounds of their home. 

We all deserve dignity. We all deserve choice. We all deserve to be empowered when it comes to our loved ones. 

All of the stars are fading away, try not to worry you'll see them some day... 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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