There is no Plan(et) B

It's only August, but we've already used more than a years worth of the Earth's resources. In the first seven months of this year we've caught more fish, cut down more trees, and consumed more water than the earth can produce in a whole year (source: GreenPeace). Ultimately we inhabit a tiny planet, and it really is tiny when you consider the vastness of the universe. We live and die here. We find love and we find friendship here. Yet we stand back and watch as it is ravaged by man, and we continue to do more of the same. At this rate we would need 1.7 planets to maintain our current ways. 

No intelligent species would destroy its home planet... yet the human race has excelled at destroying its home from the start - worrying when you think about it? 

With deforestation, fossil fuels, littered oceans, and airborne pollutants part of every day (life?), where are we going wrong??? I think the answer is a mixture of complacency and ignorance. Neither are an excuse. We all should be aware that our actions leave scars on the place we live. The more we leave, the more they will affect the generations that follow us. 

Little things make a difference. Walk instead of drive. Recycle everything you possibly can. Reuse stuff in our throwaway society. You will be surprised just how much you can do with very little effort. 

The earth has been nice enough to let us live here. Be a nicer human, and look after it a bit more. 

Remember, there is no Plan(et) B!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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