Amend the amendment...

Last week I wrote this blog from Las Vegas. I was smiling, reliving what was an amazing five days and how it was a bucket list trip for me. I wrote about how much it meant for me to be there - as the sign says “Fabulous Las Vegas”. I felt welcome and I felt alive to be there. 

However, just 2 days after I come home I like many others are left dumbfounded by the news of what unfolded. I feel so sad and sickened by how all this has changed in less than a week. I can only assume many of the victims were there on a bucket list trip of their own. Cut down whilst living for the day - all having their own version of Carpe Diem. Out enjoying live music in a crowd of 22,000 people. 22,000 people with no escape from the rain of bullets from above.

59 dead.
527 injured. 
For what? I have been trying to imagine any acceptable reason, but i just can’t get my head round it. 

Stephen Paddock you were not evil. You were a coward. You thought that opening fire on festival goers was somehow plausible in your tiny cowardly mind. 22,000 people crammed into a confined space, as you took aim from a hotel room on the 32nd floor. Like shooting fish in a barrel. How can that possibly be excused as anything other than the act of a complete and utter cowardice. 

Countless lives have changed forever because of what happened. 59 souls gone too soon. 527 carrying the physical scars of the bullets ripping flesh. Thousands more carrying mental scars that will never heal, who relive the terror every time they close their eyes as they recall those who fell around them. All this because politicians are being bought by the NRA and people can openly obtain a deadly array of weaponry. 

In a land and time where carrying an assault rifle is deemed a ‘right’, but healthcare is seen as a ‘privilege’ it’s time to get the balance right. 

It’s time to amend the amendment...

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