Sometimes I think about how I am the way I am. Who I am. What I strive for and what I mean to those around me. What I mean is we all have our own character, but it’s how we react, adapt and evolve to life as we know it that makes us who we truly are. For me I read what inspires me, I listen more than most people realise and most of all I absorb knowledge and inspiration in every day of my life. 

From this I believe I am a good judge of character. This is merely a term of phrase, because I do not believe that any of us has the right to judge anyone else. But what I strongly believe is that by listening and observing we position ourselves to get a better understanding of others. Do so and you will not drown yourself with your own opinion, but leave yourself open to seeing the truth of those around us. Some people believe their behaviour may fool some, but the truth is it is crystal clear to others. 

I never undermine others, even when I have been undermined. As much as it frustrates, I understand that to do the same only undermines my own worth. Also, never underestimate anyone. This is not only foolish, but dangerous. 

Often it is difficult to remain quiet and to listen - especially if you disagree, but a wise person will never deafen a room. I speak softly because anyone who believes you have to shout to be heard will never be listened to. 

Make yourself worth listening to. Think about what you have to say and how you’re going to say it, and who knows maybe one day you will be a remembered with a quote. 

Be you for you...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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