Tell the sun not to set...

Ever have a day that you just want to go on forever? 

For many it will be for various different reasons. We all have a ‘perfect day’ from time to time. It’s cool when you do because when you sit back and think about it, there isn’t a single thing you would do differently. Not one bit would be changed. 

For me I think I have figured out something pretty special: Every day has the capability of being just like this. 

Ok, so sometimes we might be stressed, or we may have influences outside of our control that try to define our day. But if you look back on each day over a period of time, you may be surprised how you kind of forget the bad ones and the memories tend to come from the good ones? See where I’m going here? It doesn’t matter if each day isn’t exactly how you planned it, or what you dreamed of, the important thing is you live for each day and at the end of it you know that you’ve made it the best it can be. 

One key to this is to have people in your life that make you laugh. I’m not just talking about a subdued giggle - I’m talking about proper laughing out loud. You know the kind of laughter that sneaks up on you and is out there, and way louder than you thought it would be. And hell, possibly even louder than it should be. This is the kind of thing that will help make a perfect day in an imperfect world. 

Be with those who make you smile. If you can’t, then think about them. Tell someone you love them because you really do love them. Never be afraid to say “I love you”. Never be afraid to feel those words rising up and let them burst free in the same way as you laugh. 

Life isn’t a game. It’s only as difficult as you want it to be, because when it comes to the stuff that’s out of our control then believe me that stuff is going to be exactly that; just stuff!

So live for you. Don’t wait for your life to happen, make it happen. Make someone laugh. Tell someone you love them. Believe in you and the fact that you deserve to have a perfect day each and every day you are lucky enough to wake up to. 

So when you find yourself having a perfect day, make this your mantra:

Tell the sun not to set...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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