Your very own A-Team...

What if the A-Team wasn’t just an Ed Sheeran song, or one of the greatest television shows ever? What if it was every day?

What’s going to work... Team work?

As corny as it may sound, and whether you realise it or not you are part of a team. Either personal or professional it’s pretty much the same. Honestly, we are all surrounded by people that in one way or another form what we call life. 

In our professional lives no matter what position you hold, whether it be the guy that cleans the floor or the CEO, you are in integral part of the organisation. Why? It’s easy; each and every role is there because it serves a purpose. Each of us has a purpose. How you carry yourself in that role is what determines how far you can go. Respect for your colleagues, never undermining others and understanding that your voice deserves to be heard as much as everyone else’s. Your work ethic in all you do, regardless of boundaries or restrictions is what sets you apart. 

Last week I had an extremely full on week in my professional life. I was involved in an extensive audit. Whilst the audit lasted four days, I have been working since I started with the company a year ago to make improvements to secure a positive result. Even though the result of the audit carried financial penalties for the business, the result was better than we expected and was the result of an extremely strong determination to succeed. The result wasn’t perfect, and next time it will be even better, but to put it in perspective we achieved a 200% improvement on the previous audit. How? By wanting to be better. By working hard, by being inclusive and working to achieve as a team. I never set out to be better than someone else - I set out to be better than myself. The best bit for me was sitting in the final meeting and having the head of the audit team say it was clear the people in front of him wanted to make a difference. 

I am lucky enough to work with some people who care about what they do. Actually I’m lucky enough to work with some really great people. When you find like minded people the results are easier to achieve. Even if they still carry the odd sleepless night. 

The same applies for your personal life. It doesn’t matter if you are married, single, or in a relationship the thing is you are part of a team. Whether it be a significant other, a friend or even your family, this is your team. These are the people who get you and you get too. The best thing of all is we can have a team of as many (or few) people as we want. What is vital is that whoever is in your team gives as much as you do. This is how a truly strong team succeeds. This is how friendships and relationships work. 

In work, in life, in love don’t settle for anything less than your very own A-Team!

“I love it when a plan comes together...”

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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