It just works...

Growing up I always remember hearing the saying ‘Good manners cost nothing’. It’s so true, it really is. Yet day to day we all encounter people who have a blatant disregard for this. I will never understand how or why people can be churlish to others. I’m not naive enough to believe everyone will be everyone’s friend, but for those people who fall outside this judge me not by the company I keep, but by those I avoid. 

I am old fashioned in that I put a lot of emphasis on manners. I believe very strongly that people should say please and thank you. It is a courtesy that can be extended so easily and shows appreciation in whatever you do. I truly appreciate all I have, because I didn’t always have who and what I have. 

It doesn’t stop there. I always try to put others before myself, because I like to give - and when I say give, it doesn’t have to be materialistic giving. Sometimes a supporting word or even just time will be the most valuable thing you can give or share. 

Ok, so now we’re on a roll. The other thing that is so simple but so important (in my eyes) is chivalry. Holding a door open for someone is simply polite. Don’t stand back and watch someone struggle, step up and offer to help in any capacity you can. Please don’t confuse this with being patronising, I honestly believe it is one of the foundations of society that really needs to be encouraged. 

Unselfish behaviour is for all. Man, woman, child - we all deserve to be treated in a way that is unselfish, unconditional and to be afforded this from everyone we meet. The age of chivalry is far from dead. 

Selfishness costs everything; trust, respect, friendships, relationships, it just spirals.  However, be unselfish and you stand to gain so much more. Best of all it’s free, It’s on special offer - and now it’s even freer than normal!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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