No ordinary man...

I care about stuff. Actually I care a lot about a lot of things, but equally I don’t care about so many others. So far in life I have seen or experienced stuff that has made me question life and given me the outlook I have. It has given me a life long resolve to not be a negative person because I can see no benefit to my life or that of the people I have in my life to do so. 

There are many people I care about. Even some I’ve never met, or will ever meet. I care about the vulnerable because they are just that. It’s the same as the homeless. A lot of people are on the streets because their lives have taken a twist that they would give anything to be able to change or make better. Never underestimate someone’s situation, because you will never truly know the journey they have been on and how far they have come or how far they have fallen. 

Be empathetic. There is a complete lack of empathy in the world today, I see it every day. Sometimes a little understanding rather than a reaction can mean more than you’ll ever know. I watched a tv show last night where a young man with a stammer described being ridiculed by a supply teacher for not being able to get his words out, and it has affected him immeasurably so. 

I am empathetic because I have been at rock bottom and I know first hand what it’s like to have someone to listen or even just a kind word. There will be a very small number who truly empathise. These people have the kindest hearts because often they don’t even realise they are what they are. These people are not ordinary, they are special. I see this as an inspiration and mantra in my everyday. I don’t want to be ordinary in anything I do. 

At the same time there are many people I do not care about. Those who are out to wrong others. People who are too much just about themselves. Those are people that need to learn the world needs kindness. These people always play the victim and seek attention as a means of deflection. So when it comes to it, this is why I care and don’t care in equal measures. How much I care will be determined by who I am dealing with. 

Life can seem like a fight. The trials and tribulations we all face are so different from each other, from each family member, from each group of friends. But the thing is, we all have a journey. We all have our difficulties to face. We can all give a hand up, not always a hand out. We all have our fight. 

It’s that fight that brought me here today exactly as I am. 

I’m no ordinary man...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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