All I can do is sigh...

Some, most, or maybe all of you may know I grew up in Northern Ireland. Something I am proud of, and something I believe sets me aside (for all the good reasons) since moving to England in November 2004. Ok, so even after 13yrs, my accent has changed ‘a little’, and I am still too softly spoken. But I wouldn’t change it. Any of it. 

Having grown up in at a time when ‘the troubles’ were sadly a part of every day. When a small, but beautiful country seemed determined to self destruct for nothing other than being able to blame ‘the other side’ for all that happened, and a perverted sense of justification for revenge attacks. Attacks on the innocent, and leaving families, and communities torn apart. 

Sadly at the moment this self perpetuating divide is ever more present, but under the guise of the political leaders. A misbelief that has been down from generation to generation and fuelled by an imaginary difference. Now, even having moved away, I just look on with a sense of disbelief. How after all these years it is a blame game for ‘us & them’. 

There are elected representatives who will happily take their salary, plus endless opportunities to bleed more from their constituencies. But again in Northern Ireland they are taking their pieces of silver, but refusing to cooperate or coordinate with the other parties and actually govern the country for which they are ultimately being paid to do. 

Let’s stand up and as tolerance not ignorance. Let’s end the hatred, think about the generations to come. None of them deserve to see hatred just because a minority, and the political parties, try and pass it as heritage. The whole nation needs to demand the salaries of these people are stopped. After all if you go to work and don’t do anything you won’t be getting paid. Actually, in any sane world you’d be asked to leave and not return. 

If we vote for a political party that has hatred towards another, we become an accomplice to that hatred. Don’t be an accomplice, don’t be part of anything that spreads that level of negativity and try to pass it off as cultural. 

When I see this, all I can do is sigh... 

It would be great if we could turn on the news and only hear Northern Ireland mentioned for all the greatness it has achieved. From building the Titanic (it was ok when it left), to the many sporting heroes across the decades. The musical icons from Van “the Man”, Snow Patrol, and Stiff Little Fingers to name but a few. 

In the literary visions of Narnia from the mind of C.S Lewis, and the legacy of Seamus Heaney. 

The fact that the scenery is simply breathtaking. So spectacular it is seen across the world as the backdrop of many episodes of Game of Thrones. 

All in all, there is so much that should be celebrated, perhaps with the exception of the political representatives. 

Don’t let the attitude of the few tarnish the pride of the many. 

Here’s to ‘Norn Iron’, 

Our Wee Country...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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