I hear the ticking of a clock...

Don’t clock watch, don’t waste your life waiting for time to go by. It is a vicious disease that will eat away at your sanity if you become encompassed with the passing of time. Every second you spend looking at a clock will seem like an hour. Each and every one of those sixty clicks as the hand moves ever slower round the face of the clock. 

How many times have you had a day that has just dragged? Generally it is because you are not engaged with what you are doing, where you are, or who you are with. Some people I have met can make a minute seem like a lifetime. Why? Because they have a negative undertone to all that they are. The not being engaged is going to slowly kill you, as it sucks every drop of energy and vibrancy out of your day. Before you know it you will fall into a perpetual free fall of mere existence. 

On the other hand, how many times have you had a day that has just flown past? From experience this tends to be for two reasons. The first is you are busy. You become so engrossed with the task at hand that you simply do not noticed the passage of time. Lately in my professional life this has been the case every day. Frustratingly so at times. The second reason, and the most important one, for the days that go by quicker than the blink of an eye is that you are loving everything about that moment in time, that snapshot of your life. When I say moment I mean there and then. Often this is with friends or loved ones. The sum total of the minutes and hours together that are spent being immersed in what just makes you happy to be you. Sometimes it can even be alone, just taking a brief time to yourself. A long soak in a bath is a prime example of this. It soaks away the day and brings you back to you. This is when hours feel like seconds. But life feels refreshingly good. This keeps you young, regardless of the amount of birthday cakes you may have had. 

Remember that with all you will encounter in this life, time passes - even when it seems impossible. Be early for everything so you can get more out of it. The only exception being your funeral. 

For me, the concept of time and life is simple; be conscious of the time you have in this life and live every minute to the fullest. The idea is to die young - as late as possible!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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