No handlebars...

Growing up how many of us tried to ride our bikes without holding the handlebars? How many times did that result in falling on your ass? Now think about how many times you picked yourself up and got back on and tried again? I’m guessing more times than you thought you would after the first fall?

To me life is like learning to ride a bike with no handlebars. It can seem like a pretty daunting prospect at times, and there may be a few wobbles along the way. Hell, there will also be times when it dumps you right on your ass, but you’re going to get back up again. Sheer determination or bloody mindedness- either way it keeps you going. Right?

Every challenge we face or encounter in life is just like this. But just like falling off and trying again, there is no way we are ever going to achieve anything unless we try. We are undoubtably going to pick up a few scrapes and a few scars along the way - but they are what remind us of how far we’ve come. They serve the purpose of making you proud to have got where you are, and they also prove that even though it hurt or was tough at the time it got better. They are the map of your life; so far.

Not trying will always leave a level of doubt. The infamous ‘what if’. Generally speaking ‘what if’ comes with a twinge of regret. 

So join me and learn to ride your bike with no handlebars...

Grazed knees heal, but regret lasts forever!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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