One Man Island...?

Social media is such an amazing tool, it is a multi format environment that has endless potential. It gives us the opportunity to communicate, to connect and to share. I use social media every day, and I also use it to share these words and this blog each week. However, like every opportunity for sharing something good there are those who are intent on abusing it to try and spread hate, intolerance and ignorance. 

I find it sad that some individuals on social  media feel the need to behave like the tabloids and sensationalise anything and everything they can. It is sad that they are hunting the vulnerable, just because they have the anonymity of being a keyboard warrior.

Worse still, others buy into their pathetic facade of what they see as ‘life’. And join the spiral of sharing the lies, bitterness and spite. 

Each and every day there is a media ‘stoning’ of someone moderately famous falling upon difficult times. Or someone who is different from the attacker. The victims of this are no different to you or I. We all go through hard times in our lives, fame and all the trappings that comes with it doesn’t make it any easier if you have to face your inner demons. 

But somehow, in some weird and perverted way this is seen as acceptable by those who conduct themselves in this way. I cannot compute in my tiny mind how anyone can see one life as more important than another? The thing is we all need to be kind in how we approach things like this. 

Nobody knows what goes on behind the eyes of a stranger. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tv celebrity who is a household name, or the homeless guy on the street having to look for shelter for the night. Everybody has their own struggle. Every day it can be tougher than others have to deal with, but less so than many more. 

I’m not saying we need to live cut off from media like on a desert island. I believe in my heart that we need to be kind. But also we need to focus on all life, not just the famous. Kindness should know no bounds, no fame and no limits. We need to ignore the tabloids or any form of media that merely sensationalises to brainwash the weak minded or ignorant. Nobody in this world was born a hater, a racist, a homophobe. They learnt to be that way. 

So, why shouldn’t we learn not to hate, learn not to believe the wholesale lies being drip fed by the media. Don’t share ‘stories’ that are not positive. Don’t feed hate. Don’t post anything to antagonise. 

I won't hate somebody because you say that I can, I can't live my life as a one man island...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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