So far, so good, so what...?

Every time I look at my life I think about what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve still to accomplish and what I can leave behind. In reality it is my ‘so far, so good, so what...’

When you think about the life you have lived so far there will be a lot that will bring you happiness when you relive it in your memory. There will be the stuff that makes you feel good through your achievements in your life. You know, the stuff that makes you proud. It can be anything, whether it be children, career, relationship/marriage/partnership. It can be all the things that make you realise that you mean something to someone/anyone else. 

The so what stage of our lives is when we know we need to let go, and when we need the strength to let go. Let go of toxic relationships, whether it be a personal relationship, a family relationship, a friendship that has run its course, or a career path that no longer feels like you can grow and flourish. 

Nothing or nobody should ever make you feel like you cannot flourish. 

You have the capability to become the greatest at anything you want to be. It doesn’t matter if you have aspirations to be a world class sports person, or take the business world by storm. Same goes for being the person that is the reason someone wakes up and smiles because you are in their heart and in their life. It’s all relevant. It’s all about you taking control of the measures of your life that give you the so far, so good and more importantly the ‘so what’. 

Never be afraid to be at any stage in this trinity of life. What you will discover as you get older is the circle of the so good, so far, so what... will happen at various times in our lives. Only when you begin to appreciate life is to be lived every day, is when this happens more frequently, but with more purpose because we become better attuned to seeing what blocks our lives or our happiness. 

So what am I trying to get at this week? I guess it’s about looking at life and seeing what falls into each of these categories. If it isn’t so far or so good, then it’s time to make it a ‘so what’. 

Wanting more for life is something you should feel empowered to do. A life half lived is no life at all. Believe in your power to bring your own clarity...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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