Down in the tube station at...

So this week I found myself on a train to London Waterloo, and then a forward journey on the London Underground. Nothing unusual about that, tens of thousands of people do it every day. I welcome the opportunity to go whenever I can. I love going to London, I love the energy of 8 million people all around, and all going about their day. I love that in just under three weeks on my birthday I am going again. 

One of the things I love about it is observing. Call it people watching if you want. It starts on the train, and with every stop on the way to Waterloo I watch as new passengers get on. I wonder what the purpose of their journey is, and what walk of life they come from. I don’t judge, I wonder. I am truly fascinated by people. 

This applies to life, the fascination continues every day. If you think about where you are now, right this very moment in time, then think about your journey where you are. Think of how many stops there have been along the way, and you still have your journeys end to reach. With every stop you’ve experienced it will be the mark of a significant time in your life. It could be a birth, or a death. A marriage, or the end of a relationship. A change of career or a promotion in an existing job. 

Just like the train, with each stop there will be people who leave our lives, but at the same stop there will be others who join us for our journey. It could be for a few stops, or if we’re lucky right to our final destination. Sometimes at the stop you hear the hustle and bustle of the platform, but it’s for someone else’s train. Someone else’s journey. 

The distant echo of far away voices boarding faraway trains...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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