Phoney Beatlemania...?

Currently the World and all over the U.K is gripped in Royal Wedding mania. 

Well most of it...

Don’t get me wrong I am happy to see people happy, I genuinely am. But let them have happiness and not intrusion. Let them be. Stop turning it into a sad circus act, or some kind of phoney Beatlemania...

The young prince has always spoke out against the intrusion of media into his life, and I definitely sit on the side that if the intrusion wasn’t so persecuting then his mother would still be alive today.  I think Prince Harry and Meghan are a breath of fresh air to an otherwise stuffy establishment. 

I do feel sorry for him that he will never be free from the persecution of the media. Being publicly outspoken about his distaste for how his life has been tainted by the constant reflection of a paparazzi lens, I feel empathy to him and his brother.  We live in a modern society, where people should be able to live the life they choose. 

In public engagements they open themselves to the world, as does the duty of their position commands. However, when living as Harry & Meghan, or William & Kate, let them be just that. We are talking about people who have an altered reality of real life, and strive for more of the real. 

Let me put it out there, I am not a Royalist. I never have been, nor will be. I view it as an out of date establishment that has too many ‘hangers on’. Bleeding money from the tax payer and living at the cost of others. Perhaps more than any other royal family in the world. I do not believe the public should be funding the wedding, especially in a time where the council responsible for Grenfell Tower couldn’t justify the additional money for fire safe cladding. A decision costing 71 lives. Yet to ensure the young royals are placed on the public pedestal they are prepared to spend millions and millions. 

Let the young couple live their own life. Free from intrusion, the same as you or I deserve. Let them find their own way. Let them know the value of life and the value of what it costs too. 

When life becomes glossed over as a cost measured inconvenience, as something that becomes worth less than what we spend on an event for one of the richest families in the country, then we as a society become endangered. Let’s get the balance right. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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