The Snail and the Monkey Puzzle

This weeks blog has been inspired by a photograph I took a few years ago, mainly because it inspired me to believe that no obstacle is too much to get over. Never more so relevant than now. 

In life we all have a journey. Sometimes it’s easy, and other times it’s like a snail on the branches of a monkey puzzle tree. It can be slow, painful and difficult. But just like the snail, if you pick your steps carefully along the way it isn’t impossible. 

Always remember that it isn’t impossible. 

Think about it, I’m sure we’ve all seen people fire walking. In principle it is utter madness to walk across a strip of burning coals, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

The same applies to life. Always!

Remember that every now and then in life we have to hold our heads up and keep moving forward. Regardless of who sits back waiting for you to fail, always keep the mindset that it isn’t going to happen. You won’t fail, you will prove them all wrong. Keep your head up and your heart strong. It doesn’t matter how difficult it gets, if you keep your head up and your eyes set on the future then you’re going to get there. Wherever ‘there’ may be. 

Life has the potential and the capability to test us all to the point of breaking, but it is only a test. The reality is the determination we have to overcome, to succeed and to get over whatever stands in our way - including monkey puzzle trees. 

Glide forward, move with intention and with grace. Move with bravery in your soul. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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