A life half lived...

So this week I had my birthday. I am now 45yrs young. I am at a good place in my life and I am happy. I know there are adventures to be had and a lot more life left in me to be lived. Hell, I’m even doing a parachute jump today!

During my late 20’s I lost who I was as a person. I was in a toxic and suppressive relationship for 4.5yrs where I felt that I had all I would ever have, and didn’t deserve more or better. How wrong was that! More importantly, how dangerous was that. When it came to my birthdays back then I didn’t particularly enjoy them and I always enjoyed other people’s birthdays more than mine, possibly because at that time I had a deep rooted sense of not being fussed on the fuss? I suppose it was a feeling of lack of self worth. 

I never opened up about it and just took it for what it was. I lost track, I didn’t know myself so I took action and redefined myself for he person I am truly am. I took back my life. I found the person who I was and not the person I had labelled myself as; dull, uninteresting with nothing to give back. Taking action redefined me and made me feel whole again. Like I was worthwhile and had created a new life to live for.

That is what was amazing to me, and even more so for having the courage and conviction to do it. Sadly, I think a lot of us (me included) have fallen into that trap with life. Whether it be in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s it doesn’t matter. It is the falling into a rut and either doing nothing about it, or not knowing what to do about it. 

It takes a lot of strength to make it change. To have that epiphany is the wake up call to life. To begin being proud to be you again. To be able to smile again, and when I say smile I mean smile from the heart out. 

So I urge you all, believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve an amazing life. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have people in your life who see you shine and radiate with all the magic you contain within. 

And always remember, you owe it to yourself to have more than a life half lived...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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