Happy Damn Friday - Liberty and Justice For All

Right now I am so fortunate to be able to look out a hotel window and across to the Statue of Liberty. Beacon of hope, liberty and justice for all. This city inspires, it shows everything that life can bring and be overcome. 

In our lives we are all faced with things to overcome. Whether it be illness, stress, financial worries or whatever else comes our way. The important and most critical thing to remember is that it can be overcome. It can be rebuilt and not only do we move forward but we do so with more inspiration for those around us. Just like the angel wings at ground zero, rise up and be that beacon of all to those around you.

Wherever you find yourself, either physically or mentally, you have more strength and awesomeness than you will ever need to continue on your journey through this awesome life. 

Love and hugs from the big apple!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps x