Happy Damn Friday - Respect

It's funny when you think about it that most of us have at some point been subjected to times when we are being treated with little or no respect. The thing is it is a fool that commands respect. Instead, respect is something that should be given through the very essence of what it is. 

When someone is disrespectful to us, it in turn has the effect that it obliterates any respect for them. The old adage of 'respect must be earned' is not a bad thing. However, what if we looked at it as respect is something that will be given when deserved? Very similar, but worlds apart at the same time. 

The most important thing is respect for ourselves. Nobody has the right to make you feel less worthy or below how awesome you really are. The respect for yourself is what attracts the giving of respect from others. 

To love and respect is the holy grail of it all, to have both and give both is something that is a nirvana through nothing more than being present in yourself and with the one you love. 

Happiness, hugs and respect peeps! x