Happy Damn Friday - Outside Line

Dial 9 for an outside line...

How many times have we wished we could just go outside? Maybe we've been stuck in work and the sun is shining, everything is glorious and we are in an office, a factory or a workshop? 

Whilst the being at work part is inevitable for us to do for the largest part, the special bit is that being outside can happen, even when we are in the aforementioned office etc. everyone has heard of 'power naps' right? What about using that same principle to focus on something we would really like to be doing, somewhere we want to be and someone we want to be with. 

Just for a brief moment focus on what you are already picturing now, and all of a sudden it is closer to you. It is more of a reality and in the few short hours when you get out of work then it's there for the taking. 

The picturing that special person is the easiest bit, because when you carry them subconsciously they are never not with you. 

Here's looking at you... 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x