Happy Damn Friday - Bridges V's Walls

Why don't people build bridges instead of walls? We've all seen this happen time and time again. Sadly it can be over trivial things, but often it is because of something that should never escalate to the level of needing to build a bridge to start with. 

Sometimes it is difficult to swallow our pride and offer the olive branch, you may even feel like isn't you that should do. Unfortunately stubbornness can blinker. If someone hasn't done anything wrong, stubbornness will tarnish thought and indeed reality. 

Sometimes people need is a moment to realise is that they aren't the victim. They make themselves a victim and all through stubbornness or self absorbing behaviour. All we can do is hide our time. Hopefully they get their moment of clarity, a less jaded view. 

Continue to shine bright and some day you will illuminate their path. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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