Happy Damn Friday - All The Little Things

Never stop doing little things. Ever!

Never stop doing little things for others, whether it be a helping hand or something as simple as a post-it note with kind words written on it. A cup of coffee waiting when you come out of the shower. A hug for no other reason than just because. Never stop saying please and thank you. Never stop wanting to do stuff for someone, because all those little things slowly add up in their heart. You won't see it, and they won't realise it, but by doing the little things you are making everything better in just the smallest way.

So when we continue to do little things it is like laying foundations of happiness. It is the continued path of being with someone and never taking them for granted. 

Little things matter. They matter more than grand gestures and they matter most, because the littlest things, the really simple things are the ones that come from within. 

It's all the little things... Always!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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