Happy Damn Friday - Got Love?

It's a humbling thing when you find love. 

Honestly, it's not just about finding someone to love. Not just anyone, but to find the true meaning of the word in that someone. It's about finding love itself in that person, about finding the mirrored half of your soul in someone that you just smile when you think about them. About being able to see their soul when you look into their eyes, because like you they are the same. A soul laid bare to become one with you. 

You'll know when it happens because it 'just does'. You can't help it, because when it does happen, when it really happens, wow it is going to make such a difference to you. 

What is love? To solve that question with just one answer is beyond me, because love is many different things to many different people. Ultimately, love is that connection of two souls, a foundation for two lives lived as one.

We are all of this, and we grow with every second. We have, in every essence of our beings, one another.

That is what love is. You and I, we are what love is...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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