Happy Damn Friday - When Doves Cry

This week we have lost yet more great talents in the world of show business. In particular the untimely passing of Prince. A man who had a career spanning 40yrs and selling over 100 million records. This year has seen the loss of several true talents, and we are only a third of the way through. We have lost musicians, comedians and actors. People with a talent to create and to entertain. 

The thing that saddens me the most is that we are now of a time whereby we make people from 'reality tv' famous. We need to stop killing the world of entertainment. These people are not talented, they are not entertaining, and they should not be becoming millionaires for no other reason than being the epitome of everything that is wrong with the world today. 

We need to nurture and encourage raw talent. Young talent should be supported and given the chance to shine. Let us come back to having famous people that inspire, that can be admired. Make famous those who have talent, no matter what form. Whether it be the written word, acting, music, art, sculpture, design, teaching or coaching. People who work hard at their given passion. 

Stop making stupid people famous.

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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