Try, Fail, Learn...

That is the best advice I can give this week. If you don’t try in life you will never have any chance of getting what you want or what you desire. It could be a job you aren’t sure if you’re going to get, but go for it; because believe in yourself and you’re already closer to receiving the first pay cheque. 

When you try, you should be giving your all. When you fail it is not because you couldn’t - it’s because the time wasn’t right. The important thing is you learn from all that you do. 

There may be obstacles in the way, but they will not be there for ever - how long depends on how hard you try. 

Unfortunately, there will be some who are intent on making obstacles for others, for no other apparent reason than because they can. These people are to be avoided at all times. Do not give them your time, and more importantly do not give them your energy. 

The world isn’t full of assholes - they’re just strategically placed so you encounter one every day; just to keep us on point. This is what strengthens your resolve. Doesn’t matter who or where they are, know that you are better equipped to deal with them, than they are to you. Never forget you are better equipped to deal with the world than you ever thought possible. This counts for all you do and all that you encounter. 

So always remember: Try, Fail, Learn. No matter where you find yourself in the three stages you are always moving forward. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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