A Nearly Person...

Don’t be a nearly person, don’t be nearly you. 

The biggest failing any of us will ever have is trying to not be ourselves. What gets me is just how amazing you can be without realising it or because it is hidden below a layer of self disbelief. This is a perfect example of the times when we should be “quietly confident”. Know that you have the power to achieve whatever you desire and you are already more than half way there. 

Don’t be a carbon copy of anyone - remember some people only exist as examples of what to avoid. 

Be a different person to different people, by being nobody but true to yourself. In life different people will see us and perceive us in different ways. Different is good. Different intrigues. Different inspires. 

Be annoying to some

Be talented to others

Be quiet to a few

Be unknown to a lot

But it is who you are to you is the main thing. 

Listen a lot, say little. Especially to those with open ears but closed minds. 

Be you for you. 

Don’t be a nearly person...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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